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28 Mar 11 Outlook 2010 (Focus on name cache/NK2)

One of the big things with Outlook 2010 is that they have remove NK2 files completely.Not exactly remove of course it is stored somewhere else.So where is it stored now when the NK2? The answer to that is that it is stored inside the mailbox in a special folder called “suggested contacts”. To see this you first have to change your view to “folder list” :

Then you will see the “suggested contacts” folder:


And it is inside here the name cache is saved. So each time you send mail to a person that is not in your contact list it will end up here as a “suggested contact”/cached address. From here it is very easy to convert them to real contacts and that’s great. Because it was a fair bit of work with Nk2 files to convert them to contacts. So now you can just drag and drop them to contacts and there you are. Also if you want to delete something from the cached you can do it inside “Suggested contacts”. Another way of cleaning the “Suggested contacts” is by starting Outlook with the following parameters: outlook /cleanautocompletecache


Importing NK2 files to Outlook 2010

Let’s say you want to import an NK2 file into this. How do we do this? Well it is outlined in this KB from Microsoft:
In short terms you use parameters when you start Outlook like this: “Outlook.exe /importnk2”
But before you do that you have to make sure that the NK2 file you want to import is located in %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook.
And you have to make sure that you rename the NK2 file to the same as the Outlook profile name. Let’s say your outlook profile name is outlook. Then your NK2 file should be named outlook.nk2

Another way is using Nirsoft‘s small and great utililty of course.It happens from time to time that users only use the name cache in Outlook and does not save them as contacts as they should. I often find myself in a environment with terminal server with roaming profiles and local profiles on computers and this utililty helps me too much.


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